'Heartthrob of the Yellow Line'! Subway worker voted the best-looking in Brazil.

News Source (Daily Mail)
Published : April 9, 2015

Travellers in Brazil should opt for taking the tube instead of a cab after a subway worker was voted the sexiest man in the business.

Guilherme Leao has been named the most good-looking security guard in a survey by tourism site vejasaopaulo.com.

The part-time model raked in 76 per cent of the more than 18,600 votes cast to be named the 'heart-throb of the Yellow Line' in in Sao Paulo.

'I think anyone who is public-facing in uniform draws attention,’ he said.

He added: ‘I like to look after my hair, my clothes, and be well dressed. Sometimes I can take 30 minutes to do my hair.’

However, Leao admitted his girlfriend wasn't too impressed by his new-found attention, saying she became jealous but added: 'She now thinks it's cool. 

She said she has what thousands of girls want.' - Daily Mail