Kwon Sang-woo : Actor

Kwon Sang-woo is a South Korean actor. He rose to stardom in 2003 with the romantic comedy film My Tutor Friend and the melodrama series Stairway to Heaven.


Kwon Sang-woo : Actor

Joey Berry : Model

The sexy Canadian Joey Berry recently had his profile added on All American Guys in the Members section.

He’s an ambitious and fit muscular athlete who’s a rising star in the world of physique modeling and he’s certainly not shy about showing off the bod.

Joey was photographed alongside several other AAG models during the Olympia weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Be sure to check out his profile in the Members area, but get a glimpse of Joey below with these promotional images and a teaser video.


Joey Berry : Model


Guilherme Leao : Security Guard

'Heartthrob of the Yellow Line'! Subway worker voted the best-looking in Brazil.

News Source (Daily Mail)
Published : April 9, 2015

Travellers in Brazil should opt for taking the tube instead of a cab after a subway worker was voted the sexiest man in the business.

Guilherme Leao has been named the most good-looking security guard in a survey by tourism site

The part-time model raked in 76 per cent of the more than 18,600 votes cast to be named the 'heart-throb of the Yellow Line' in in Sao Paulo.

'I think anyone who is public-facing in uniform draws attention,’ he said.

He added: ‘I like to look after my hair, my clothes, and be well dressed. Sometimes I can take 30 minutes to do my hair.’

However, Leao admitted his girlfriend wasn't too impressed by his new-found attention, saying she became jealous but added: 'She now thinks it's cool. 

She said she has what thousands of girls want.' - Daily Mail


Yi Tin Chen : Taiwan's hottest bean curd seller.


Harizon Ramli : Hunky Lemang Seller

Jordon Yeoh : The Hunky Durian Vendor.

Yi Tin Chen : Taiwan's hottest bean curd seller.

News Source (shanghaiist)
Published : Friday June 19, 2015

A bean curd shop in Taiwan has soared in popularity 
thanks to one  of its workers, dubbed 
"Taiwan's hottest bean curd seller", 
who's become a celebrity of sorts online.

The shop, called Chuan Tong Zhi Zui Dou Hua Tang, 
is located in the Beitou district of Taipei. 
It's a relatively small store, but has recently attracted 
long queues of customers, mostly female, 
eager to get a glimpse of the worker.

Forget everything you thought you knew 
about bean curd shop employees 
(which, we're sure, was a lot). With his 
handsome face, bulging biceps and six-pack abs, 
this particular worker looks more fit for a fashion 
magazine, web users pointed out.

Rumor has it that he is actually the shop owner's son. While not much about his identity is known, it seems the young man has just raised the bar for all bean curd sellers across Asia.

After images of an attractive bean curd seller in 
Taiwan spread across social media, fans did some digging to try to identify
 the rumored shop owner's son.

It turns out that the man's name is Yi Tin Chen (陳奕廷), 
and when he's not creating long queues of oglers outside of the 
bean curd shop in the Beitou district of Taipei, he works as a 
promotional model, according to his Facebook profile. 
Are we surprised?